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About Our Sr. Pastor: Dr. Douglas R. Pittman

Dr. Douglas R. Pittman, Founder
      Dr.  Pittman was ordained in 1991. He has been in the Ministry for 33 years. Pastoring for 30 years, and has been the Oregon Field Supervisor and the Oregon Prespitor from 1999-2006  for the United Evangelists Assoc. He has recently achieved his  Doctorate degree for "Scriptural Word".

      Dr. Pittman teaches the uncompromised Word of God! He teaches what God says and not his own opinions. The bible says that signs and wonders follow the Word being taught, which is  what happens through the gifts that God has placed in him.  
     Through Prophetic ministry, laying on of hands, word of knowledge, and word of wisdom, Dr. Pittman is led by the Holy Spirit to minister salvation, healing and deliverance. He teaches the truth of God's word in a way that you can take it and use it in your life to overcome any obstacle as God intended for us to do!  

These tears are not of loss, but of friendships gone away.
Looking back from somewhere that is just beyond my thoughts, 
I miss the days together, Of friendships so full of grace. 
Memories of love in every time of need,Have quickly come and gone away. 
I pray I could restore every friendship of yesterday,
Old and new we share a piece of joy, pain, and pleasure
No one else can begin to know or treasure.
Strange how friendships can wander in and out at will,
So precious are they, and seem lost in time forever.
And so, when once you leave, I'll never be alone,
For always I'll have the memories, thank God, 
Long, long after you are gone.
- by Dr. Doug Pittman -
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